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From the Executive Director: Back in the Flow!

December 2023

So much has happened since the Kidney Resource Network’s site went live.  Life has been lifing in a major way.  End stage renal disease is what it is.  If you know, you know.  Depression and anxiety are real things when you’re trying to deal with any disease you need to potentially manage for the rest of your life.  I am still learning how to not become immobilized and overwhelmed with my anxiety so much so that it keeps me from moving forward.  During those times, I end up only being able to manage the things I HAVE to manage in order to live with some smidgen of normalcy – being a wife and parent, working, and going to dialysis. 

Personally, at times I feel as if I don’t do any of those things well.  But it’s all I can handle without falling apart at the seams.  So this website, and even this nonprofit, has suffered neglect.  But I’m back.  The mission is important and the show must go on.  And I must learn how to focus my energy only on things I can control.

This Month's Content

With that being said, depression is a known issue with those struggling to manage end stage renal disease.  Check out the article this month, “The Depression is Real.”  Also read up on updated changes in Medicare for transplant patients, new healthy recipes, and the latest kidney health news. Also, keep up with information on our Facebook page!

What We're Up To

This month, we are also working on some exciting things with the nonprofit –we finally received our federal 501(c)(3) status so we can apply for more grants, pursuing some speaking engagements, and participating in some community events.  We also received our first grant!  As a result, in 2024, we will be planning our first kidney health pop-ups!

I appreciate everyone who supports our mission to educate the community about how to not only avoid chronic kidney disease, but how to navigate the physical, emotional, and mental impact of living with the disease.

Living my absolute best life,

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